Friday, January 3, 2020

“Our faith is needed now more than ever,”

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President Donald Trump launched the Evangelicals for Trump coalition in South Florida on Friday, earning cheers from faithful supporters. “I really do believe we have God on our side, I believe that … or there would have been no way we could have won, right?” Trump said. The president delivered a faith-filled speech to a crowd of evangelical supporters gathered at El Rey Jesus Church. Rev. Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham, his daughter Cissie Graham Lynch, Dr. James Dobson and his wife Shirley, Pastor Robert Jeffress, and other prominent voices in the evangelical movement also attended the event. Trump reminded Americans that they needed to renew the importance of faith and family if they were to thrive in the next century. “Our faith is needed now more than ever,” he said. “While certain fads come and go, it is an eternal truth that faith and family lead to the stability, happiness, and prosperity of nations.” Trump reminded Evangelicals that Democrat presidential candidates would continue to work against their values. “Our opponents want to shut out God from the public square so they can impose an extreme anti-religious and socialist agenda,” Trump said. The president previewed a future law enforcement action from Attorney General Bill Barr to protect teachers and students who want to pray in schools. “We will not allow faithful Americans to be bullied by the hard left,” he said. “We’re not going to allow it.”

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