Wednesday, January 29, 2020


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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Senate impeachment trial, predicted that a majority of Republican senators would likely vote in favor of testimony from former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the “whistleblower.” Graham also said Republicans would be interested in hearing from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) official who allegedly worked with Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump’s defense team is finished making its argument to exonerate the U.S. president, Senators will vote on whether they want to hear from additional witnesses. Both Democrats and Republicans will be able to call on witnesses. Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Graham declared on Tuesday: “I’ll make a prediction; there will be 51 Republican votes to call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the whistleblower, and the DNC staffer at the very minimum. You have to be willfully blind and say that Democratic misconduct doesn’t matter to you not to believe that the [U.S.] president had a good reason to ask the Ukraine to look into the Biden affair… as much as I like Joe Biden, he needs to answer questions of why he allowed his son to continue to receive millions of dollars from [allegedly corrupt Ukrainian company] Burisma when he should’ve known it was a conflict of interest.”

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