Wednesday, March 4, 2020

There are NINE seats held by Democrats in trouble in radical progressive California while all of the Republican seats are safe

Nine of the seats are poised to be flipped from blue to red while the one red district at risk looks like it may stay red in November....

While Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden did battle on the national stage from coast to coast, several states were also holding primary elections for lower offices. There were some good storylines in high-profile Senate races that will supplement Biden vs. Sanders talk in the news cycle, but the part you likely won’t hear much about was California’s primary for all 54 congressional seats. Why won’t you hear about it elsewhere? Because nine Democratic seats can clearly be flipped and the one Republican seat in jeopardy seems poised to stay red.

This wasn’t the news the DNC wanted to hear. It’s definitely not the news Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wanted to hear as it’s the first real indicator that her gavel is at risk.

Keep two things in mind. First, these aren’t nine seats that are deemed “in play” through some election miracle. These are nine seats currently held by Democrats where Republicans have the upper hand based on analysis of Tuesday’s primary votes. Second—and this is very important to understand—with only one statewide ballot measure, the main draw was the Democratic presidential primary in which Republicans may not vote. That means that even without the draw of a presidential primary choice, nine seats showed Republicans either within striking distance or outright beating Democrats.